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UK bosses back the idea of a six-hour workday

When workers say they'd love a six-hour workday, no one finds it particularly shocking. Ask them for a two-hour workday and you'll hear similar responses.

But when bosses and HR people also start supporting the idea, that's when we really start to listen. And believe it or not, a new survey says bosses and HR people really do support the idea.

According to a survey commissioned by Crown Workplace Relocations, 75 per cent of employees were for a six-hour workday. In London, the figure rose to 78 per cent. Among bosses, 60 per cent said they'd consider introducing such practice. In London, the figure rose to 75 per cent, and in Glasgow it was the highest – 88 per cent.

The figure for those working in HR was 100 per cent.

“The introduction of a six-hour working day has already been implemented by some employers in Britain with many reporting positive results – improved employee focus and productivity,” said Barry Koolen, regional managing director at Crown Workplace Relocations. “Historically the British eight-hour working day was created to encourage a work-life balance and these findings suggest we may soon see a new cultural shift towards a six-hour working day.”

Back in January, Sweden started introducing a six-hour workday at select government institutions, and it seems to be the right move – productivity has gone up, turnover has gone down, worker satisfaction is up while stress has gone down.

There are companies in the UK that have already implemented this practice, and according to The Huffington Post, they’re loving it.

Image source: Shutterstock/Monkey Business Images