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Women in tech lack advancement opportunities, research says

For women in the IT industry, the lack of advancement opportunities is their biggest business challenge, a new report says.

Online IT learning firm Pluralsight, together with Women Who Code, polled 500 females working in the tech industry in the UK, and those are the results. For 43 per cent of them, the lack of the opportunity to advance is their biggest obstacle. The report also says that more than half (51 per cent) of women leaders agreed that their organisation would benefit from having more women in the team.

Amost a quarter (22 per cent) said the lack of confidence is what's holding them back, and for 20 per cent, the male-dominated work environment is their biggest obstacle.

Asking for a raise is uncomfortable for 50 per cent of women, and 43 per cent felt bad asking for promotion.

In order to get more women in the industry, IT leaders said flexible working hours was important (77 per cent). For 27 per cent, it was essential.

“It’s imperative that the industry as a whole become a more welcoming and inclusive place for women who have been drastically underrepresented to date. Providing women with every available opportunity and resource to succeed is crucial – both for their wellbeing, and for the stability of the economy,” said Alaina Percival, CEO of Women Who Code.

“We commissioned this study to help shed light on what obstacles women working in technical roles are currently facing in the workplace,” said Aaron Skonnard, CEO of Pluralsight. “Having more women in tech has been shown to create better business results. It’s our job as an industry to create an environment in which women have access to female role models, mentors and more opportunities for advancement.”