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Brace yourselves, IoT shoes are coming

Your next running shoes will probably be connected to the internet, IoT-style.

Footwear branding, labeling and RFID solutions firm Avery Dennison Retail Branding and Information Solutions (RBIS) and IoT firm EVRYTHNG announced today they're teaming up to give more than 10 billion apparel and footwear products a 'unique digital identity'.

Yes, they're putting IoT chips into shoes.

The products should hit the market within the next three years. The two companies believe this will be the largest number of IoT-connected devices in a single deal, ever.

They will be powered by the Janela Smart Products Platform, for digital identity and data management capabilities.

Announcing the deal, the two companies said there will be multiple benefits of digitising apparel and footwear. Product history will be made available on a smartphone, as well as loyalty rewards and simple product reordering.

Personalised recommendations, loss prevention and sustainability, where recycling will become much easier, are all listed as key benefits of the new deal.

“Avery Dennison is bringing powerful new value to customers through our partnership with EVRYTHNG,” said Mitch Butier, Avery Dennison President and Chief Operating Officer. We can make apparel and footwear products smarter and enable them to participate in digital applications and services, helping to drive new consumer experiences, protect brands’ value, and provide supply chains with real-time analytics.”

“The fact that at least 10 billion Avery Dennison RBIS products will be digitized at the point of manufacture is both a milestone in making the Internet of Things mainstream and a huge enabler for the apparel and footwear industry in particular,“ added Niall Murphy, CEO and Co-Founder at EVRYTHNG.

Image credit: Flickr / Jennifer Carole