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Oracle acquires big data firm Crosswise to boost its data cloud

Oracle has acquired big data firm Crosswise, which specialises in cross device advertising, to help bolster it's own Data Cloud.

Although the exact sum that Oracle paid to acquire the company has not been disclosed, the price is rumoured to be around $50 million. Crosswise's technology is able to determine what devices users have in order to provide ads that align with the platform they are using.

Oracle plans on integrating that technology into Oracle Data Cloud which uses information extracted from third-party data to give advertisers better insight into their target audiences. The service helps more than 80 per cent of the top US advertising companies maximise their marketing budgets.

Each month, Crosswise goes through more than a petabyte - or a million gigabytes - of data. The company analyses dozens of different data points including Wi-Fi networks used, GPS coordinates, operating systems used, mobile device IDs, and device IP addresses to gain a better understanding of users and how they interact with their devices.

Crosswise makes it a point to not identify users personally and instead opts to identify them via their patterns of use, sites visited, locations, etc. Crosswise provides its technology to advertisers without working alongside them. Through the company's services, customers receive an improved online experience while advertisers gain a dramatically higher return on investment from their marketing.

Using the data collected from users across multiple devices, Crosswise is able to create a probable Device Map that can accurately match multiple devices to one individual user. This technology is scalable and Oracle wants to expand it in order to have a complete view of the ways in which consumers interact with multiple devices.

Crosswise was founded by Steve Galanz, Johnathan Zeidner and Ron Reiter in 2013. Last year the company received $2 million in funding from Giza Ventures, Horizons Ventures, OurCrowd and several others.

By acquiring Crosswise, Oracle is further strengthening its cloud and gaining valuable insight to the browsing habits of users across devices.

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Anthony Spadafora
After living and working in South Korea for seven years, Anthony now resides in Houston, Texas where he writes about a variety of technology topics for ITProPortal.