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Three out of four websites have unpatched vulnerabilities

If this morning you visited four websites, three of those have unpatched vulnerabilities which make it easy for cyber-criminals to infect your computer with malware, gain access to your computer, steal your money and / or your personal data, and sell that data on the black markets.

All aboard the scaremonger express!

I didn't come up with this statistic – Symantec did, and it published it in its annual Global Internet Security Threats Report (ISTR) that analyses the state of cyber threats around the world.

Cyber-crime has, according to the report, become the UK's most common offence, with half a billion of records lost as a result of data breaches.

Last year, there has been more than a million web attacks every day. Things are not looking good for the UK. It has ranked as the most targeted nation for spear phishing email attacks, second most targeted for social media scams, and third most targeted with ransomware.

“Advanced criminal attack groups now echo the skill sets of nation-state attackers. They have extensive resources and a highly-skilled technical staff that operate with such efficiency that they maintain normal business hours and even take the weekends and holidays off,” said Kevin Haley, director, Symantec Security Response. “We are even seeing low-level criminal attackers create call centre operations to increase the impact of their scams.”

Symantec advises businesses to use advanced threat solutions, employ a strong security posture, prepare for the worst and provide training for their employees.

Image Credit: alexskopje / Shutterstock