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BT announces new initiative to help digital transformation

Today, BT announced a new global initiative, aimed at empowering CIOs and helping them with their digital transformation efforts.

The initiative, called 'The Digital Possible', will see a wave of new and innovative services being introduced in the coming weeks and months, including services in the cloud, mobility and collaboration, and data industries.

BT says it will leverage its recent EE acqusition for this purpose, offer ' unique real time big data analysis capabilities', and further expand cloud connectivity.

New software, new cloud customisation features, as well as new security and professional services capabilities will all see the light of day soon enough.

“The pace of digital change is creating new opportunities for our customers and those opportunities require quick responses. The role of the digital CIO is one of the most demanding in business. They need to be strategic, creative, growth-minded and cost conscious,” says Luis Alvarez, CEO of Global Services.

“They have to understand technology and people, and balance control and safety with enablement and speed. They are becoming the pioneers of change. To be successful, they now require strategic partnerships within and beyond their organisation. We are well placed to be their digital enabler. Today, we are committing to accelerate investments in our Cloud of Clouds portfolio to help them fully uncover and realise their own ‘Digital Possible’.”

BT has based this move on reports suggesting that the CIO is becoming the main figure in the boardroom – 72 per cent of IT decision makers said their role became more central in the past two years.

Image source: Shutterstock/chrisdorney