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FreeOffice, a free Microsoft Office alternative, gets updated

A new version of FreeOffice, SoftMaker's free alternative to Microsoft's Office suite, has been released this Tuesday morning.

The new version, called FreeOffice 2016, brings many improvements in speed and efficiency, and also adds a couple of important new features. TextMaker, the suite's Word alternative, supports .DOC and .DOCX files, and now comes with features such as Word-compatible change tracking as well as PDF and EPUB export.

PlanMaker (Excel alternative) can open both .XLS and .XLSX files, 'true to the original', the creators say. It also supports large spreadsheets (up to a million rows), and offers pivot tables 'at eye-level with Excel'.

Presentations now support 'impressive animations' and slide transitions, using DirectX graphics acceleration.

“If you’re looking for a free, highly performant Office suite which offers top compatibility, you cannot look past the new FreeOffice 2016,” said Martin Kotulla, SoftMaker’s Managing Director. “We are convinced that FreeOffice 2016 is the best free Office suite, and we cordially invite everybody to download it. FreeOffice 2016 is licensed for home and business use alike”.

FreeOffice 2016 is available for free, and can be downloaded on this link. The suite supports both Windows (up to Windows 10), and Linux. It also supports both touchscreens, and monitors with a 4K resolution.

There is also the commercial version, which has also seen many improvements.

Image credit: FreeOffice