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Here's how UK's consumers shopped online

Global social commerce network analysed how UK’s consumers shopped online in 2016 using Similar Web data, and according to its report – eBay and Amazon are still leading the pack.

Amazon is the country’s most popular retailer, with 1.2 billion visits in Q1 2016, showing 6.7 per cent growth over Q4 2015., has had 1.1 billion visits, recording 20.9 per cent growth.

B&Q has recorded the biggest growth, 35.23 per cent, with a total of 38.2 million visits. On the other hand, the biggest loser is, losing 27.82 per cent of visitors.

Google was the number one among search engines, with most visits to the top coming from it – that includes traffic from referrals, paid searches and social media. More than a billion views to the top came from Google, amounting to 30.29 per cent of traffic share.

Second place was with 110 million visits, and HotUKDeals was third with 89.4 million.

Most visits in general came from direct type-ins – 1.6 billion of visits (42.61 per cent share). This is followed by organic searches (1.05bn – 28.9 per cent), and referrals from third-party sites (709m – 19.45 per cent).

Another interesting metric in the report is that mobile seems to have overtaken desktop. The majority of visits to the top retailers in Q1 2016 came from mobile devices (2m), while desktop has recorded 1.6m. However, desktop is up 5.18 per cent, while mobile is down 5.18 per cent.

Social media, newsletter marketing and display advertising have very little relevance, the report says, with traffic from newsletters accounting for 2.46 per cent of shares.

Facebook is the most relevant social media platform, with 57.75 per cent share of all social media.

Image source: Shutterstock/mtkang