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Microsoft turns to latest Qualcomm Snapdragon processor for Windows 10 Mobile

One of the biggest mistakes that Microsoft has made with Windows Phone is not adding support for the latest hardware in time.

For instance, while Android flagships were coming out with quad-core chips and 1080p displays, for a long period of time after smartphones running the tiled operating system still had to make due with puny dual-core chips and lesser 720p screens.

Fortunately, this is a mistake that Microsoft will not repeat with Windows 10 Mobile. The company appears to be forward-thinking this time around, as its new smartphone operating system supports all the latest hardware - including even a yet to be released high-end processor from Qualcomm.

The processor in question appears to be the upcoming Snapdragon 830. Microsoft has not confirmed the exact name, however, only referring to it as MSM8998 on the hardware requirements page for Windows 10 Mobile, under Section 2.1, Table 4.

A similar number is used for Snapdragon 820, namely MSM8996, which supports the idea that MSM8998 could be its successor. There are no official details about Snapdragon 830 - or whatever it will be called once it's made public - but we do know that it will not debut very soon.

Smartphones rocking a Snapdragon 820 chip have only started to arrive after MWC 2016, which took place in February, and it is unlikely for Qualcomm to release a newer and more powerful chip so soon after that.

In fact, manufacturers like HTC have barely introduced new models with Snapdragon 820.

Image source: Shutterstock/360b