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UK businesses send 'strong message' to stay in the EU

The European Union is good for business, UK's tech sector agrees. Those are the results of a new poll by techUK, which surveyed 277 tech business leaders, 75 per cent of whom came from small and medium-sized businesses (SMB).

The poll says EU is good for business – 70 per cent support the UK remaining within the EU, while 15 per cent would like to see their country abandon the project. Another 15 per cent doesn't know.

The majority is in favour of staying with the EU, because that would make the country more attractive to foreign investment (76 per cent) and more competitive, globally (71 per cent).

What's more, the respondents agree – the UK can get better deal in trading relationships with the EU this way (75 per cent).

Another interesting takeaway is that everyone agrees – regardless on the Brexit position – that EU policies have a positive impact on business.

“There is a strong message from the tech industry that Europe is good for business,” says Julian David, CEO of techUK. “Tech leaders are clear that the UK needs to be holding the pen on the laws that affect their businesses. A vote to remain is a vote to ensure the UK voice is at the heart of policies that support the UK’s most innovative sector to continue to grow and create jobs. A vote leave would mean that the UK tech industry would lose its voice on the issues that matter most.”

The majority of businesses said their customers and suppliers operate across the EU, which means the UK would need to be compliant with EU regulations, member or not.

They also sell their products in the EU, so they’ll have to comply with EU rules from that perspective, as well. More than half (63 per cent) have offices and operations elsewhere in the EU, as well.

On the other hand, those 15 per cent that support leaving the EU, say the UK would be more flexible in the global economy (91 per cent), it would be more competitive (64 per cent), and could get better deals in relationships with the rest of the world (58 per cent).

Twenty-four per cent believe the UK would create more jobs outside the EU.

The full report can be found on this link.

Image Credit: JMiks / Shutterstock