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Dell teams up with 25 partners to give IoT a boost

This morning, Dell announced it's partnering with a number of experienced independent software vendors (ISV) to help customers find the best technologies for their Internet of Things solutions.

Called the Dell IoT Solutions Partner Program, Dell is teaming up with 25 partners, singling out GE, SAP, Software AG, Microsoft, OSIsoft. Its partners will get access to its product portfolio and support, resulting in ‘incremental business growth’ opportunities.

Through the global network of ISV, sorted out in tiers (Executive, Associate, Registered), organisations will be able to develop, deploy and maintain IoT solutions.

“Dell believes that opportunities increase when you help others win,” said Andy Rhodes, executive director of Commercial IoT Solutions at Dell. “We are passionate about collaborating with this strong group of companies and believe ISVs are critical in building the bridge between the exciting industry potential of IoT and profitable market reality.”

With Kepware and Software AG, Dell is working to develop IoT-enabled predictive maintenance models addressing the industry’s biggest operational challenges, while with Microsoft and Blue Pillar, it will work to deliver the Automated Demand Response Solution, built to maintain grid reliability.

With SAP, Dell is working to address key issues such as business continuity, overall equipment effectiveness, maintenance cost and return on assets.

Many of Dell’s partners are using the Dell Edge Gateway 500 Series to power their IoT solutions, the company said in a press release. The product is available for download at Dell’s website.

Image Credit: Chesky / Shutterstock