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Big Data in the centre of the IoT discussion

When discussing Internet of Things (IoT), people are mostly concerned about the safety of the vast amounts of data generated by smart devices.

Those are the results of a new study by market researchers Argus Insights. Looking at what people were talking about on Twitter in the period between January and April 2016 regarding IoT, the State of the Internet of Things: What’s Leading Market Conversations report suggests data safety tops every discussion.

Everything else, including wearables, cloud, smart homes, smart cities and other, is less attractive.

Big Data is more than just tons of information about how you use your smart coffee machine – there are devices collecting some seriously sensitive data – devices such as baby monitors, smart locks, or even devices such as Alexa, which listens to everything you say in your home.

“Security concerns for consumers are definitely on the rise and this goes double for any enterprise deployments. Security issues continue to be a real roadblock for IoT product acceptance,” said John Feland, CEO at Argus Insights.

It was also interesting to notice that no single brand dominates the IoT discussion. A lot of companies are involved, but they account for less than 10 per cent of the overall discussion regarding the Internet of Things.

“Though there was definitely talk about Google, Microsoft, Intel, Amazon, Cisco and the rest, no single brand is dominating the overall IoT conversation.,” Feland continued.

“Given the multiple, and at times, confusing definitions of the internet of things, seeing this diversity played out over social conversations is a clear indicator that while overall interest in IoT is increasing, no single company has control of the market.,” Feland said.

Image Credit: A-Image / Shutterstock