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Flexibase, the platform behind Code4Health, goes open source

Flexibase, the building blocks behind NHS's Code4Health programme, is now publicly available under the Open Source license, it was announced on Thursday morning.

It can be downloaded via Github, the public code repository, and will also soon be available on Docker hub.

Built upon the Perl programming language, Flexibase has been in use since 1995, now reaching version 11. It became a key component of the NHS Code4Health platform, aimed at stimulating innovation in the NHS and encouraging application building to sustain the UK healthcare infrastructure.

“Flexibase has long been a tool that has enabled OpusVL to deliver robust applications quickly,” said Managing Director of OpusVL, Stuart J Mackintosh, at the Medetel international healthcare conference in Luxembourg recently.

“It is built with Open Source components and in the spirit of Open Source, deserves to be handed back to the community to enable others to gain the benefit whilst further enhancing the capabilities of the Flexibase framework. Flexibase was developed to fill the gap of business-ready software components that address the common needs demanded by every commercial project. It has played such a key role in the Code 4 Health project because it enabled rapid delivery of a robust platform that can integrate with independent applications built by many people, and will adapt to meet the as yet unknown future needs of the customer.”