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Robots will force us to be more human

Robots won't leave you jobless, but you will have to change the way you work in the future, putting more emphasis on the human side. That is the conclusion of a new study, released by global tech consulting and services firm, Cognizant.

It had asked business executives from Europe and the US about the future of the workplace and the transformation that automation will bring. The results, gathered in the People – Not Just Machines – Will Power Digital Innovation study, say that businesses will have to focus on developing uniquely human capabilities.

The good news is, the human capabilities will be highly appreciated.

Besides building completely new capabilities, the report also says new talent requirements will appear, such as augmented reality designers, or “avatar programmers”.

Project-based partnerships with digital talents will become more common in the future, and new ideas will be gathered through social media and competitions.

Physical office space will shrink, forcing businesses to employ ‘intelligent workplaces’, which will monitor workers’ environment, moods, wants and needs.

The report also says a new master work platform will emerge, allowing businesses to infuse human insight with algorithms. That will allow them to split and distribute work faster.

Having the right skills is already being seen as the biggest problem – 94 per cent of businesses said they have a gap in digital knowledge which prevents them from advancing.

That will lead to the ‘gig’ economy – where people with certain skill sets will offer them, for a limited time, to an employer or a business.

Businesses will try to counter by increasing the number of mergers and acquisitions.

Photo Credit: Willyam Bradberry/Shutterstock