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Three energy technology innovations you didn’t know about

With new government releases and reports of rising bills seemingly being the only energy-related news that ever make the headlines, rarely is anything ever said about the great changes being made in the industry.

Across all areas of the energy sector, companies are taking huge leaps forward to help cut back on our energy usage, for the good of the environment and our bills.

To celebrate the progress being made in the industry, business energy comparison specialists Love Energy Savings has gathered three ground-breaking pieces of energy technology that are helping to transform the energy industry for the better.

During production - Carbon Capture and Storage

We tend to take electricity for granted, but the way that it’s traditionally been generated creates a tremendous amount of harmful greenhouse gases which contribute to global warming. While it’s important that renewable energy technology continues to develop, we must also explore the possibility of reversing the damage already done, and a technique called Carbon Capture and Storage has the ability to do this.

Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) can capture up to 90 per cent of carbon dioxide generated during electricity production, before it is released into the atmosphere, and stores it kilometres below the earth’s surface. CCS is our best hope for drastically reducing the amount of CO2 that escapes into our atmosphere. In fact, as the technology develops, researchers are exploring the possibility of ‘carbon negative’ methods that would actually be able to draw the CO2 out of the atmosphere to be stored deep underground.

Although it is yet to be used widely, and for many countries it is still in the development or testing stages, there is no doubt that CCS is one of the most revolutionary pieces of energy technology to emerge. The effect it could have on the world’s fight against global warming are profound, enabling us to minimise future damage to our environment.

Paying your bills - Track as you go

Despite the well-publicised rise in energy prices, many people across the country are still not aware that they could (and really should) be paying less. Switching energy tariffs or providers can be considered a confusing and lengthy process, often deemed an unworthy task due to the time it can take to make the savings.

When you add into the mix the lack of transparency that the energy market is often bad-mouthed for, you can begin to understand the logic behind the apathy.

In an industry first, Love Energy Savings have introduced a new piece of technology that will allow customers switching suppliers or tariffs through them to keep tabs on the progress.

The new service, called Track My Switch, builds on Love Energy Savings’ commitment to exceptional customer service. Taking inspiration from the B2C market with Domino’s pizza tracking feature, Track My Switch allows people to see exactly what progress is being made, and keeps them updated every step of the way.

Phil Foster, MD of Love Energy Savings, said that Track My Switch was born out of their commitment to always striving for high levels of customer service: “With poor customer service in the energy sector making headlines recently, any methods designed to improve communication between suppliers and customers are most welcome. Track My Switch gives power back to the customers and lets them see exactly what is happening with their energy bills.”

For the future - Compare and contrast

With bills tight for many households across the country, many will be keeping a much closer eye on their energy usage.

Opower is a technology aimed at energy suppliers, which allows them to engage and interact with their customers on a smaller scale. One particular service, called Bill Advisor, allows suppliers to send bills to their customers to see their usage and compare with neighbours. It tells consumers when they are heading for a higher month, and provides tailored advice on how to improve energy efficiency.

Similar to the Track My Switch technology, Opower helps to put the control of their energy bills back into the hands of consumers, allowing them to make fully informed decisions about their energy usage.

Image Credit: zhengzaishuru / Shutterstock