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What businesses can learn from Squarespace outage

Yesterday, hosting provider Squarespace reported a 'major outage' on its website, which resulted in about a million of hosted websites being knocked offline.

Squarespace is a competitor to WordPress, Go Daddy and the likes. Even though the company was quick to resolve the issue, businesses everywhere were still affected by the downtime.

Commenting on what happened, and explaining what businesses can learn from these outages, managing director and VP of EMEA at internet performance experts Dyn, Paul Heywood, says outages can have serious consequences to businesses everywhere.

“Outages on major web hosting companies can have very real, detrimental consequences not only for the company itself but also the millions of businesses they host. The Internet has become a major part of every business network and it is so important for companies to take necessary precautions to identify and mitigate the problems that lead to outages as this ultimately results in a loss of revenue and a damaged brand reputation,” says Heywood.

He also says people nowadays are accustomed to things working well and fast, and outages like this one can make them lose trust in the brands they love.

“Customers today have never had higher standards – they want the best and most consistent online customer experience and businesses must rise to these expectations or risk losing their customers to a competitor that does offer consistently good Internet performance.”

Besides Squarespace, 123-reg also reported going down this Tuesday.