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MS Office competitor goes after businesses with new offering

Korean cloud-based productivity suite, Polaris Office, has recently gotten a business version and judging by the looks of things, this time it will be a real competitor to Microsoft's Office suites.

The first thing you need to know about Polaris Office is that it's not meant for the average consumer – it's made for the business manager. It costs somewhat more than the basic version ($6.99 per month [£4.87] versus $3.99 for the consumer version), and expands on the features offered in the basic one.

Besides all the standard stuff you'd expect to see in a productivity suite, Polaris Office also has an admin console, allowing managers to track documents, limit which one can leave the company, and assign various access tiers.

The suite also has an activity log, where managers can see who did what, when, as well as a single sign-on method with two-step authentication.

Those are the most important changes compared to the basic version. Looking from an employee or consumer perspective, not much has changed. The only new thing users will notice is the team folder, where users can edit, upload, share and comment on documents in real time.

“As we shift to a more disparate workforce comprised of remote workers and independent contractors in addition to traditional office workers, it’s become a real challenge for administrators to give employees the access and ease-of-use they need without compromising sensitive company data,” said Kwak Min-cheol, founder and CEO of Infraware, the parent company of Polaris Office. “By making it easy to manage company documents, Polaris Office Business enables administrators to give workers seamless, secure access to the information they need across multiple platforms and devices so they can collaborate on projects anytime, anyplace.”