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Transport sector at the forefront of mobile ticketing

Purchasing tickets via mobile apps is the way to go, a new report by Juniper Research says.

The report, entitled Mobile & Online Ticketing: Deep Dive Strategy & Competition 2016-2020, looks at how we purchase tickets for flights and various events, which new practices we adopt and how the process will change in the future.

The report predicts that by 2020, almost 23 billion of tickets will have been bought via mobile apps every year. That represents a 100 per cent jump compared to 2016, Juniper Research says.

Transport agencies will be the biggest driver of this change, embedding new payment services, such as Apple Pay, to their offerings. Out of transport agencies, airlines are doing best – last year the airline industry witnessed a 50 per cent year-on-year growth.

Bookings made through an app are expected to grow 40 per cent this year alone.

“While app-based ticketing user adoption continues to be strong across a range of ticketing markets, sales volume growth will be driven by low-value metro and bus ticket purchases, most notably in the US market,” said research author Nitin Bhas.

The report also says that stakeholders are increasingly becoming aware of the value beaconed ticket validation has. It gives UK’s FutureRailway as a good example, saying how it awarded a contract to Bytemark for developing a BLE-enabled mobile ticketing app.

Image Credit: Nito / Shutterstock