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Business on the move: The benefits of WiFi Calling

Communication by telephone remains a vital component of day-to-day business, not only for direct interactions with customers, but also staff collaboration.

Inevitably, however, there are times where you will be unable to achieve a mobile signal, no matter how reliable your operator is. Public transport, remote locations and office blackspots can all affect mobile signals and hamper your business communication.

Unanswered calls give businesses a reputation for being unreliable, and what’s more, many customers will stop dealing with a business if its customer service is not up to scratch. UK companies lose billions each year as a direct result of missed calls and when you consider that a chunk of these lost earnings could be going to a competitor, it’s time to evaluate whether your mobile package is offering the connectivity you need.

WiFi Calling from EE lets businesses make calls over a WiFi connection instead of their usual mobile connection, providing a valuable alternative for companies that can’t afford to be cut off from their customers. Essentially, WiFi Calling lets your WiFi network support you when you’re out of mobile signal range.

Setting up WiFi Calling

WiFi Calling from EE is simple and fast to set up for all your employees. All you need is a WiFi Calling compatible phone, businesses can choose from a range of iPhones, as well as Windows and Android handsets purchased directly from EE.

Once you’ve settled on your business phone, activating WiFi Calling couldn’t be simpler. There is no app required and calls and texts will come out of your monthly allowance or be charged at your EE plan rates as normal. The setup is as easy as connecting to a WiFi network and enabling WiFi Calling in your phone settings. Users will receive a text message confirming when they’re ready to go.

Now you can make reliable business calls on public transport

If you frequently use public transport, you are likely to have experienced disruption to your mobile phone signal, but with WiFi Calling this challenge can be overcome.

The London Underground now has WiFi available at 250 Tube and London Overground stations, so businesses can ensure they don’t miss important calls when travelling. Although the service is not available in tunnels or between stations, it is accessible in ticket halls, walkways and platforms so you can keep your businesses connected that little bit longer.

Outside of London, businesses can also make use of public transport WiFi to make reliable business calls. Many regional trains now offer WiFi as standard: Glasgow already has WiFi on its subway system and future deployments are planned for the underground rail networks in the Tyne and Wear and Merseyside areas. With the number of public WiFi hotspots increasing, staying connected while on the move has never been easier.

Now you can make calls when work takes you to remote areas of the UK

Business trips to remote locations provide another great opportunity to experience the benefits of WiFi Calling. Although EE’s 4G network reaches over 95 per cent of the UK population, mobile signal strength can vary by region. WiFi networks, however, are increasingly available in all kinds of locations, such as remote hotels, so as long as you have WiFi, you’ll still be able to conduct business when away from the office.

Now you can make calls in office black spots

WiFi Calling from EE also offers the perfect solution if your office suffers from connectivity problems. There are a number of factors that could affect your office mobile signal, including basement rooms, wall thickness, office layout, construction materials, even the weather. However, with WiFi Calling, employees have the freedom to make calls reliably anywhere in the office, providing they are connected to WiFi. This means that businesses no longer need to worry about office black spots keeping their employees from being productive.

Ultimately, WiFi Calling from EE is about giving organisations the opportunity to do business in more places. In the “always-on” business world of today, companies can improve their connectivity using this innovative feature.

WiFi Calling is an example of the kind of tool that business decision makers are increasingly adopting to ensure their staff can work just as effectively whether they’re on the move, working remotely, or in the office.