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Ebay Enterprise and Innotrac formed Radial

Ebay Enterprise, Ebay's enterprise unit which was sold to a company consortium last year, is now merging with one of the other companies in the consortium, Innotrac, to form a completely new company called Radial.

According to the company's Chief Product and Chief Strategy Officer, Stefan Weitz, Radial aims to help businesses understand how consumers shop online and offline, by offering useful tools.

Those useful tools will most likely come in the form of a platform, which will allow businesses to manage the entire process of shopping, from purchase to delivery. Radial will take care of everything, including management, payments, customer care and fulfillment.

“Retailers are seeing a tremendous strain on their businesses because execution of omnichannel is insanely hard,” he said.

“Radial is all about building the tools retailers need to compete — and win — in the increasingly complex and competitive ecommerce space. Only Radial has industry-leading tech and expansive operational expertise that offers retailers the most efficient — and profitable — path to get products in consumers’ hands.”

The company will be stationed at King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, and will operate 24 distribution centres and six call centres in the US, Canada, and Europe. It will have 7,000 employees, and its customers include DSW, GameStop, Shoe Carnival and Destination XL, Tech Crunch says.