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EE wants to cover UK in 4G

Mobile operator EE said it will cover the entire UK (well, 95 per cent of it, at least) with 4G connectivity by 2020. It also said it will shut down its customer call centres in India and create 600 new jobs in the UK and Ireland.

The announcement comes after EE landed a contract with the Government, under which it will replace the Airwave radio network and eliminate blinds spots, or 'not-spots' in connectivity, The Telegraph reported recently.

Currently, about 60 per cent of the country is covered in 4G, with mostly rural areas being in the dark. This must quickly be expanded, to the benefit of police and ambulances working in the area.

According to the same Telegraph report, the deal will be subsidised with ‘millions of pounds’ from the budget.

EE’s chief executive Marc Allera said the project would “go further than any operator has ever gone, with the aim of covering the whole of the UK with 4G”.

“There’s no doubt being part of a large group gives us scale and long term surety over our investments,” he added.

Another thing the company is looking to do is shut down its Indian call centres and hire people in the UK and Ireland. 600 new jobs should be opened.

This move echoes recent reports of EE being the most complained about broadband provider and third most complained about mobile operator, according to Ofcom.

Image Credit: Yuralaits Albert / Shutterstock