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What to look for when choosing asset management software

Asset management is often seen as something as a chore and something that's relegated to a few hours work with an Excel spreadsheet.

But that makes it hard to keep up to date and may not deliver all of the information needed to effectively keep track of equipment and software.

Wasp Barcode Technologies has developed its AssetCloud software to give companies a cloud and subscription-based service that helps organisations efficiently track, maintain and collect data on the materials they own.

It's also put together an infographic highlighting the features companies need to look for when choosing an asset management system. These include the ability to customise the system to meet specific needs, and being able to import spreadsheet data so that old details don't have to be re-entered.

"For too long, companies have created asset management software based on what they think it should do," says Lynn Lee, Wasp's director of research and development. "Our new AssetCloud was created to do what the user wants it to do. We collected a lot of customer feedback to create asset management software that is flexible, user-friendly, customisable and easily scalable".

You can find out more and get a 30-day trial of AssetCloud on the Wasp website and see the full infographic below.

Wasp asset management infog

Photo Credit: Palto/Shutterstock