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Cloud is outpacing the need for colocation

Businesses will use even more cloud this year, with cloud actually outpacing the need for colocation. Those are the results of a new study conducted by Customer Satisfaction UK, on behalf of Pulsant.

According to the study, 83 per cent of companies will increase their cloud usage, with more than a third (39 per cent) saying the increase will be 'significant'.

The study also says that for 61 per cent of those surveyed, the need for colocation will also increase.

“We’ve all been in the industry long enough to know that cloud migration isn’t new. Instead, what organisations are focusing on is the way in which cloud is being used within their IT estates, and how they can properly leverage its benefits,” says Matt Lovell, CTO at Pulsant.

The discrepancies between colocation and cloud weren’t reflected in IT budgets, though. According to the survey results, 22 per cent of IT spend goes on colocation, and 15 per cent on cloud.

“What we are seeing — and that’s supported by the research — is that there’s a definite move to use different cloud models and solutions to properly benefit the organisation and maximise their resources and their budgets. And this points towards an appetite for hybrid IT or multi-cloud environments. Of course migrating to a hybrid model has its own challenges, particularly around integration and management of these different environments, something that can be solved with the right partner and the right approach.”

Among the companies surveyed for this report, 39 per cent already have their infrastructure in the cloud, and 60 per cent of that is the private cloud.

Photo Credit: wavebreakmedia/Shutterstock