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Public sector workers lacking digital transformation skills

Almost half of workers in the public sector (47 per cent) believe their organisation needs a plan for long-term digital transformation, according to a new report by EMC.

In the report, entitled The Great Skills Exodus: Why leading IT talent is deserting the public sector, it says that the workers, despite feeling they have the necessary skills (81 per cent), they lack the vision to plot long term digital plans.

For almost everyone (87 per cent), the growth and the success of the organisation relies on technology, and 75 per cent believe it’s up to them and their team to make that happen.

Two-thirds (66 per cent) are looking at alternative roles, with 63 per cent saying pay is the key driver. Not being able to progress is also an issue for 45 per cent of respondents, and for 35 per cent, it’s the lack to demonstrate their skills and abilities.

“We are fast becoming an information generation: expecting all areas of our lives to be connected, and the public sector is no exception,” says James Norman, Public Sector CIO at EMC.

“The Government has put strict targets in place to ensure that digital technology becomes the cornerstone of public service delivery, but without the right talent, it will not meet these targets. With hot tech companies popping up every week, the competition for attracting and retaining this much-needed talent is fierce, and this study highlights the issues we are facing in stark detail.”

Still, 60 per cent said they are interested in continuing to work for the public sector.

Image source: Shutterstock/Nomad_Soul