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Remote working can solve UK's housing crisis

Professionals seeking work in UK's biggest cities are only making the country's housing crisis worse, but global software company Citrix and industry body techUK seem to have a solution.

In a newly released report, entitled The Housing Crisis: a digital solution, the two companies said the crisis could be solved by allowing more professionals to work remotely.

According to the report, more than half of UK's professionals (54 per cent of those surveyed) said they'd love to relocate to a rural area, if the conditions would allow them to perform their task at the same level.

“With pressure mounting on major cities and the urban population increasing, it is clear that the government and industry must look to intelligent solutions to relieve this problem,” said Jacqueline de Rojas, Area Vice President for Northern Europe at Citrix and president at techUK.

“There is no good reason why career success and living rurally should remain mutually exclusive, and if we can bring to an end the necessary migration to large cities for professional success, we have the potential to redistribute economic growth across the UK – supporting our rural communities and growing our talented workforce to also include those who can’t afford or don’t wish to live in large cities.”

There are a couple of setbacks, though. Connectivity, transport and corporate culture seem to be the biggest ones. According to the report, 48 per cent of rural premises still don’t have access to high-speed broadband internet, and poor transport links make it extremely difficult to attract talented workers.

Image source: Shutterstock/bikeriderlondon