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The UK public needs accurate and reliable medical info

The sheer availability of information online has made assessing information on medical symptoms and conditions easy, but at what cost?

Information is freely available but the accuracy and reliability of this information is often questionable. With just about everyone offering ‘advice’ and ‘diagnoses’ on forums all over the internet, how can we ensure that we get the right information when we need it?

A revealing research study by Clarity Informatics showed that London is the most health-obsessed city in the UK, with over half (58 per cent) of health-obsessed Brits covering up symptoms from their doctors, confusing health professionals and taking more sick days than the rest of the population.

There is currently no trustworthy source of healthcare information online – even ‘reputable’ sources are often run by hobbyist enthusiasts. This means that people are frequently misinformed about their health and stay sicker for longer.

Prodigy Patient is an app for everyone, based on the Clinical Knowledge Summaries, the website used by UK doctors, providing a resource to help people get better faster. Brits are getting increasingly health-aware and we recognised the need for unbiased, easy to get information to put their mind at ease, and also help them to identify symptoms and conditions faster, and subsequently get better faster – reducing the drain on our economy.

Brits can now get information on over 350 medical conditions and subsequent sub-topics. They will also benefit from an interactive function, identifying their affected body part areas to give them fast access to the information they need – and helping them have informed discussions with doctors.

Prodigy Patient is free and available today to download on all major smartphone platforms, including Android, Windows Phone and IOS.

Dr Gerry Morrow, medical director at Clarity Informatics