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UK lagging behind Europe in remote working adoption

The UK is lagging behind West European countries in terms of flexible and remote working adoption, new report from market researchers IDC says.

IDC has, together with talent management software provider Cornerstone OnDemand, polled 1,352 HR professionals and business managers across 16 European countries working in organisations with more than 500 employees, in order to get more insights about their views on flexible and remote working.

According to the report, the UK is next to Poland, Germany and Switzerland – lagging behind other countries in terms of remote working adoption. The report says less than 50 per cent are allowed to work from home in Poland, while in the Nordic countries, the number stands at 87 per cent.

“Better alignment between HR and line managers is required in order for HR to fully redefine its role as a strategic partner within the organisation. HR must adapt to navigate this fast-changing environment – with flexible working on the rise – whilst managing pressure from employees who have different expectations of their employer,” said Vincent Belliveau, executive vice president and general manager of Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA), Cornerstone OnDemand.

“Those who succeed will be those who empower their people to support the business through change and growth.”

The Nordics, Spain, Benelux and Austria are among those countries with the highest adoption of flexible working options.

It was also said in the report that HR overrates its level of support of line managers, while underrating frustration with HR processes.

“Specifically, HR underestimates the level of frustration with HR processes among line managers, where more than 41 per cent of the line managers surveyed agreed that they see it as a major frustration. From the HR professional perspective, that proportion was only 32 per cent,” the report says.

Image source: Shutterstock/Alex Brylov