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Should you monitor your employees' personal devices?

So here the thing, people don’t like big brother watching over them. When their employer insists on installing monitoring software on their personal devices - guess what happens? Employees stop using their personal mobile devices for business.

The Situation:

There are several studies and surveys in this area and they all concur about employee sentiments to intrusive monitoring software being installed on their personal devices.

In a recent study by Webroot, 46 per cent of employees would stop using personal devices if employers insisted on installing security “apps” on their phones. The top reasons for this is employer access to personal data, personal data being wiped by employer, or employer tracking location of device.

Simultaneously, from an employer perspective, 95 per cent are concerned to some degree about security risks from employees’ personal devices, 96 per cent are concerned to some degree that mobile web access may be vulnerable to security breaches, and guess what - this problem may just get worse.

In the recently released iOS 9.3, if a device has security software installed, Apple is going to make it VERY clear to the end user with the message “Your iPhone is being tracked” clearly noted in the About page of Settings and a Lock Screen. We can expect Android to follow suit.

Will this increase employees concerns or reduce it? I think the answer is obvious.

The Problem:

We might just say - there is no problem. As a CISO I can say “For those using my enterprise productivity apps, the situation is secure.” But, as business leaders, can we settle for that? The whole point of providing mobility solutions to the enterprise is to increase productivity, reduce the cost of business processes, create competitive advantage and so on. If half of my employees aren’t using these apps - is this acceptable? The answer, of course, must be no.

The Need and The Solution:

At Hypori we believe that enterprises should provide employees with solutions that alleviate fears about privacy while still achieving security requirements. This is what Hypori's Virtual Mobile Infrastructure platform does. By virtualizing the mobile experience in the cloud, users can access a virtual mobile device from any mobile end-point. For the user: there is no tracking of what personal apps are used, no remote wiping capabilities and no way to see where a user is or what they are doing. For the enterprise - the enterprise apps and data are all in a secure cloud, no data or apps are ever resident or at rest on the user's device and so security and compliance goals are fulfilled.

Will Scott, CISO, Hypori