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72 per cent of organisations support BYOD despite privacy and security concerns

According to the results of a new survey from Bitglass, 72 per cent of organisations across the financial services, technology, healthcare, government and education sectors support BYOD for all or some employees.

However, only 14 per cent have successfully deployed Mobile Application Management (MAM) solutions, creating issues in areas such as controlling access to corporate data and enforcing device encryption.

"The threat of data leakage is more prevalent than ever, as employees look to access sensitive corporate information on mobile devices outside the corporate network," said Nat Kausik, CEO, Bitglass. "Unfortunately, few organisations have adequate risk-control measures in place. Fewer than half support critical capabilities such as device encryption and DLP – a gap that suggests more-comprehensive BYOD security solutions are needed.”

In most of the industries surveyed, employee satisfaction was seen as a key benefit of enabling BYOD, with government being the only exception where it was valued by less than half (44 per cent) of respondents. In contrast, privacy was cited as the biggest inhibitor to BYOD adoption in 52 per cent of SMBs, with large organisations eing more concerned with security

Data protection has been a hot topic recently thanks to new GDPR regulations so, unsurprisingly, data leakage was one of the top concerns across all sectors, including 81 per cent of financial services, 90 per cent of healthcare and 79 per cent of education organisations.

Despite this concern, device encryption was supported in only 36 per cent of educational institutions, 56 per cent of financial services organisations and 57 per cent of healthcare organisations.

The full report, entitled 'How Forward-Looking Industries Secure BYOD,' surveyed more than 800 cyber security professionals and can be found here.

Photo credit: Sarawut Aiemsinsuk/Shutterstock