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Competing departments are holding back digital transformation

According to a new report, 43 per cent of companies feel their digital transformation efforts are being hampered by competing departments wanting to 'own digital.'

The 'Leading Digital Business Transformation' study conducted by Forrester Consulting - on behalf of SugarCRM and Squiz - analysed how organisations with a mature digital strategy define and manage their "digital business transformation."

The report found that 94 per cent of digitally mature businesses plan to transform systems and processes in order to address the threat of digital disruption, with respondents believing that CEOs should be the ones driving new initiatives forward by setting the overall vision (41 per cent) and supporting the digital strategy (59 per cent).

“The division of responsibility and core accountability is a major inhibitor to putting in place truly innovative processes, but collaboration is a part of almost every successful innovation. To achieve real change within a business, active participation from key stakeholders across the business must exist. From the CEO and strategy team to marketing and IT, all should come together to support collaborative goals”, says Stephen Morgan, Co-Founder of Squiz.

The study also highlighted the vital role of the customer in a company's digital journey. 77 per cent of mature digital firms have cleary defined the customer experience they intend to create and an innovation taskforce has been introduced in 69 per cent of organisations to identify new sources of value for customers.

SugarCRM’s CEO Larry Augustin said: “Customers’ expectations of service and experience are increasing across the board, and every business is under pressure to improve their game. Silos of teams and data create discontinuous and disjointed experiences for the customer, and will limit an organisation’s success unless these silos are addressed.

Image Credit: Wichy / Shutterstock