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Companies amped up their security last year

Almost a half (43 per cent) of companies did not experience a security breach in 2015, a new report suggests.

The report, released by IT management software provider SolarWinds, includes answers from 109 IT practitioners and managers from small, medium-sized and large UK companies.

According to them, just 30 per cent suffered a breach last year. Quite surprising.

More than a third (39 per cent) said they feel less vulnerable than they did a year ago, while 27 per cent said they felt more vulnerable. The time needed to detect a threat decreased for 42 per cent of companies, while 18 per cent said it increased.

And finally, 38 per cent said the time needed to respond to a threat also decreased, while for 28 per cent it increased.

“The most surprising finding of the survey is just how many UK organisations are less vulnerable today than they were a year ago, and, on a related note, how many have implemented security technologies and better security training,” said Mav Turner, director for Business Strategy at SolarWinds.

“While this is a sign the industry is trending in the right direction, it’s important for IT professionals to never get too confident in their organisations’ security posture, which could potentially result in overestimating one’s defences. After all, the findings also illustrate how high the stakes are—while less than one-third of UK organisations experienced a security breach in 2015, of those, 77 percent store potentially sensitive customer data.”

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