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EMC World: Customer demand and new competitors are driving digital transformation

EMC has released the results of a digital business transformation survey on the second day of EMC World 2016 in Las Vegas.

Digital transformation is, as we all know, a popular buzz-phrase doing the rounds at the moment, with organisations of all shapes and sizes fighting to keep pace in an ever-changing environment.

And this is reflected in the findings of the study, where 52 per cent of 4,000 business leaders said that their industries have experiences significant disruption as a result of digital technologies.

48 per cent of respondents went so far as to say that they don't know what their industry will look like in three years time, with the entrance of new competitors (62 per cent) and a growing customer demand (56 per cent) being cites as driving forces behind the need to digitally transform.

External pressures are also continuing to accelerate. To advance their digital business transformation, 73 per cent of companies agree that a centralised technology strategy needs to be a priority and 66 per cent are planning to invest in IT infrastructure and digital skills leadership.

Elsewhere at EMC World, the company has announced a range of products aimed at modernising the data centre and Michael Dell revealed what the new name of the EMC-Dell juggernaut will be.

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Image Credit: Wichy / Shutterstock