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Flexible working practices can help employees thrive

At its core the tech industry is about thinking differently and finding creative solutions where traditional industry often fails or reacts too slowly to keep pace with the changing world.

It therefore lends itself to an environment where flexible working practices can thrive by utilising the newest technology that’s available to allow employees to work flexibly. The benefits of agile working shouldn’t just belong to the dev and product teams!

Here at Piriform we champion flexible working for two reasons. Firstly, we want to recruit the best talent in the market, regardless of that person’s family or other commitments. Secondly, ‘making Piriform a great place to work’ is one of our company objectives so we do everything we can to ensure Piriform employees achieve a work/life balance. We want this culture to pervade at all levels so all employees feel able to request flexible working from director-level right through to our graduates.

As directors, we have to take responsibility for striking the right work life balance – we think it is important to practice what we preach. I work four days a week and spend my time between the London office and working from my home in Cheshire where I live with my husband and three-year-old daughter. After having my daughter, it was incredibly important for me to go back to work but also to spend time with my daughter. My current working arrangement gives me the best of both worlds, doing a job I love and helping to create a company culture which allows others to do the same and also being a mum! I may need to jump on late night Trans-Atlantic calls but equally I can run to do a 5.30pm nursery pick up. It’s just all about balance, whether even if it’s balancing nursery pick-ups with board meetings.

We have a number of other employees, both men and women, who work flexibly both in terms of location and hours. Although flexible working is traditionally requested by women we feel strongly that men should also be encouraged and feel equally able to request this. We recently approved our first flexible working request by a member of our development team which was made so he could help with childcare arrangements. As a young progressive tech company we have been proud of having women at both board and VP level and are now equally as proud at turning the flexible working tables by promoting this way of working to both men and women. The difference we believe is that we don’t just talk the rhetoric, we can deliver with actual data!

With some thought, the tech industry is one of the best industries to be able to access a wider talent pool because of its ability to move quickly and work with evolving technology to allow everyone to feel like they’re in the same room even if they’re not.

We strongly believe that flexibility benefits both the employer and the employee. It doesn’t matter that we don’t meet at the same place at the same time every day. What we all agree on is getting the job done, which is a given when you recruit the best.

Victoria Dimmick, Chief Legal Officer at Piriform

Image source: Shutterstock/RTimages