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The latest developments in cloud knowledge base software that you need to know

Numerous businesses rely on various types of knowledge base software. It is a very useful solution for creating custom pages dedicated to either employees or customers.

The benefits of using this software solution are numerous. Businesses are able to manage their internal data much better, collaboration is much easier; it is simply a great solution for any type of business.

As technology is constantly being improved, a new popular solution is cloud-based knowledge base, which has even further simplified the whole process of creating and running your own knowledge base. Let’s see how the development in the area of cloud-based knowledge base management has improved for the user.

Ease of working

Cloud technology has become available for both commercial purposes and regular customers around the world. People find it much easier to backup and access their data from any place around the globe. This is why cloud-based knowledge bases outperform regular ones. The technology and software used in creating this type of knowledge base is very user-friendly and lets people easily create new FAQ pages, documentation pages or any other pages important for a business.

As the software has become automated, it is fairly easy to set up the cloud based knowledge base solution as it is very important. This dramatically saves the costs of training people who work using the platform daily. This also implies that there is no necessity for an IT team that can come at quite a cost for a company.


This is a very important factor for all business types. At one moment, your company may count 10 employees. But over time, as the company grows, the amount of documentation adds up. The power of cloud based knowledge based platforms offers immense scalability. This makes it also very useful for enormous corporations, which count thousands of workers.

Tasks, projects and employee education is made much easier through the utilisation of this system. As cloud based solutions are capable of handling huge amounts of traffic, everything functions smoothly, making knowledge base always accessible to employees.

Security and reduced responsibilities

All of the data and software is outsourced to the company offering the service. This greatly reduces costs for hosting serves or, in some cases, the costs of acquiring hardware for storing data. All the security is in the hands of the service providers, which greatly simplifies things for a company using a cloud-based knowledge base. This is a very important factor, as whole teams of people within a company would be responsible for achieving ultimate security.

Additionally, the fact that all the data in the cloud is backed up daily means that the chances of losing data are practically nonexistent. To ensure stable speeds and that the whole system is functioning properly, companies offer regular maintenance.

Accessibility and collaboration

Cloud technologies offer an incredible advantage, as the services created on them can be accessed and edited from any mobile device, such as smartphones or tablets. This is an incredible feature, as people can conduct their work while they are on the go. This greatly improves productivity, as each member can see the changes made in documents from any device, no matter where they are located.

As cloud-based knowledge base is accessible from different devices, the fact that images and pages scale well with the device’s screen size is also important, as it makes the whole platform very user friendly, no matter the type of device.

Collaboration is something that is greatly improved with cloud based knowledge base, as there are numerous features available to the users. First of all, it is possible to make the knowledge base accessible publicly. On the other hand, it is also possible to lock the knowledge base only for the employees of the company. Additionally, there are several different types of permissions for people you are collaborating with.

It is possible to let someone edit a certain document, without him or her being able to access other parts of the knowledge base. This makes the whole system very flexible, as it makes it easy to let people view data while restricting them from editing anything. This makes collaboration much easier, which is very important if a company relies on freelance workers in various locations.

Integrating with other platforms

The evolution of cloud-based knowledge base allows people to connect their knowledge base with another software solutions out there, which can further improve the productivity of teams. There is also the possibility of integrating services such as Google Analytics, which can provide data concerning how people are using the knowledge base.

Integrating chat platforms can greatly improve how team members communicate, making the whole platform much more responsive and user-friendly. Additionally, allowing chat for customers is a great way of establishing communication and trust between customers and your business.

All these things make cloud-based knowledge base platforms necessary for people who want to ensure the future success of their companies. The ability to immediately start using knowledge base software without complex training is something that cloud technology has enabled a great number of businesses from all over the globe.

Sameer Bhatia, founder and CEO of ProProfs

Image Credit: ND Johnston/Shutterstock