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Passwords and email addresses being sold online from 2011 data breach

Another day, another security breach on a dating website. Following in the footsteps of Ashley Madison and Adult FriendFinder, adult website has reportedly had the personal information of millions of members stolen and put up for sale on The Dark Web.

The compromised information supposedly includes email addresses, passwords, sexual preferences and IP addresses. According to IBTimes, the data is being sold for around £280 on underground marketplace 'The Real Deal.'

The information does, however, appear to be from a breach that happened five years ago. The administrator for the domain said: "We take internet security very seriously. Our site is free to join and we do not store any credit card information. We've investigated the sample data and it is from a breach that happened in 2011."

This latest example of cyber criminals targeting dating website highlights the dangers of posting personal information online and the importance of security practices such as encryption.

Sexual information such as this leaves users at risk of exploitation such as blackmail and can even have more serious consequences; one victim of the Ashley Madison hack committed suicide shortly after the data was leaked online, although it wasn't confirmed if there was a direct correlation.

Speaking about the breach, security researcher Troy Hunt said: "It's just another example of an online asset you'd expect to remain secure being compromised. The plain text passwords make it particularly worrying as they had absolutely no protection in the database."

Image source: Shutterstock/wk1003mike