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Brits would like much faster internet than what's offered today

UK's has done an interesting research on broadband speeds in the country, how fast of an internet do people need, and how fast they'd really like their internet to be.

It has asked 2,360 internet users how fast of an internet speed do they think they *need* today, and 100Mbps+ scored highest – 33.5 per cent, followed by 50Mbps+ (31.1 per cent).

What's interesting to notice here is that this is noticeably faster than what the government considers ultra-fast (24Mbps), and what will be obligatory through the Universal Service Obligation, introduced in 2020 (10Mbps).

As 4K streaming becomes more widespread, and the number of connected devices within a household grows, the demand for more speed will grow too, says founder, Mark Jackson:

"The question of 'need' is a complicated one because we all have different requirements; although these days 25Mbps should be enough to do almost everything you could want. But even this may become constrained as 4K video streaming begins to grow (a single 4K stream today requires around 20-30Mbps), especially in a busy family environment with lots of devices all sucking from the same connection. At that point a 50Mbps or faster service may be more useful,” he said.

Looking shortly into the future, by 2020, 29 per cent of people expect to need 1000Mbps+. Both BT and Virgin Media are looking to introduce 300-500Mbps connections at that time.

"Gigabit connections would certainly be nice to have and very future proof, although people frequently forget that you often can't take even close to full advantage of it because most Internet services deliver content at a dramatically slower pace. Similarly, computer hardware and Wi-Fi may also struggle to keep pace with such speeds," added Jackson.

Sead Fadilpašić

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