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Opera's browser now comes with a power-saving mode

Opera's latest version of its internet browser has a power saving mode, and the company promises almost 50 per cent longer battery life on laptops.

The company also said it's the 'first major browser' to feature such a mode.

Here's what it says: the browser is the most used software on the computer (there's no arguing that). It's being used for pretty much everything, from accessing cloud-based applications, to email, social media, video watching, you name it.

With that being the case, it also makes a lot of sense for the browser to be draining a lot of battery, especially with multiple tabs open. And it's exactly in the tabs section where Opera says it can save us a lot of battery life.

By reducing activity on background tabs, adapting page-redrawing frequency and tuning video-playback parameters, Opera said it managed to increase battery life for 49 per cent. It tested the feature by comparing it to another version of Opera (power-saving mode disabled), and comparing it to Chrome, all running on Windows 10, 64-bit.

“It's extremely frustrating to run out of battery on your computer, whether you are out traveling, watching videos, or you have just left your charger behind. Our new power saving mode will nudge you when the laptop starts to consume battery, and, when enabled, it can increase the battery life by as much as 50%,” says Krystian Kolondra, SVP of Engineering for Opera.

Once you unplug your laptop from the power source, a new button will appear next to the search and address field. Opera will also detect if your laptop is running out of battery and suggest the power-saving mode.

The company also said it has improved the overall quality of the browser's code, which should contribute even more to battery saving, as well as the native ad blocker, doing the same.

Image Credit: Opera

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