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Digital driver's licenses are coming

The days when you forget your driver's license and ending up paying a fine for it might soon be a thing of the past, as there are people out there working on a paperless version of the license.

According to a BBC report this Monday, the UK's Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency is working on such a project, and there’s already a prototype in place. A photo of the prototype was tweeted recently by CEO Oliver Morley.

As it turns out, the digital driver’s license is based on the Apple Wallet app for the iPhone and it will, at least for the time being, be an ‘add-on’ to the physical thing, rather than a replacement.

Wallet seems to be a logical move, as the app already stores lots of other sensitive data such as payment methods, boarding passes and gift cards.

But it’s not just the UK’s Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency that’s working on a fully digital aspect – DeLaRue said it’s already working on a paperless passport. Soon enough, all your identification cards could be stored in your smartphone.

Other countries are also working on a similar project, the BBC noted, saying how a US company Morpho Trust has been developing the same thing in Iowa since August last year, and New South Wales government has also recently announced the introduction of digital licences.

These licenses should be available in 2018, it was said.

Image Credit: Oliver Morley / Twitter

Sead Fadilpašić

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