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Microsoft clears Bing of computer support ads

Microsoft is following in Google's footsteps and cleaning up the ads that can be displayed on its network. After Google announced that AdWords could no longer be used to push payday loans, Microsoft has decided to ban ads for computer support services from Bing.

What's interesting here is that Microsoft has taken an incredibly hard line and issued a complete blanket ban on all technical support ads - no exceptions. The aim is to weed out fake support ads and scams, but it will also impact on legitimate services.

The change to policy now states that: "Bing Ads disallows the promotion of third party online technical support services to consumers because of serious quality issues that can impact end user safety."

Microsoft's Liz Walsh explains the thinking behind the ban: "This policy change reflects Microsoft’s commitment to lead the industry in providing a safer experience for all of our end users, including populations most vulnerable to online scams and other fraud activities."

"We at Microsoft believe a safer online experience benefits our Advertisers and Users alike!" The ban comes into effect immediately.

Photo credit: / Shutterstock