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McAfee wants to teach you how to be safe online

Security experts at McAfee have unveiled a new cyber-security education hub, aimed at making people stay safer online. The hub is called the Ultimate Guide to Security Threats and can be accessed from this link.

The security firm decided to create the hub after realising that many people are still fairly uneducated when it comes to cyber-security. At the same time, cyber-crime is growing at an unprecedented rate.

England and Wales have seen 5.1 and 2.5 million cyber-crimes, respectively, in the last year alone. Among those McAfee has questioned, 90 per cent believed their online habits were secure, yet 35 per cent knew someone who got hacked.

Almost a third (27 per cent) haven’t changed their passwords in the last 12 months, and just slightly above a third (34 per cent) read the terms and conditions when installing an app (in all honesty, this number is much higher than what I’d expect to see).

Nine out of ten people (90 per cent) failed to distinguish a safe from an insecure site, and 37 per cent of parents of children under 12 aren’t fully aware what their kids do online.

“Our survey revealed that there was a disparity between how safe we believe we are online, and the reality of our online situation,” said a McAfee spokesperson. Ninety per cent of us believe we are secure online, despite almost a third of us having not updated our internet security in over a year, leaving those users susceptible to the worst viruses out there.”

“The security threats hub is designed to help educate people on what to look out for when online and to give them a better understanding of why being safe and secure on the web is so important”.

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