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IT support is becoming a burden to IT departments

IT infrastructure has become so complex over the past few years that it's putting a lot of strain on IT support departments, Trustmarque Solutions says. Executives and decision-makers are saying it is not only a burden, but also becoming more expensive, forcing them to look for new and innovative solutions.

At the same time, end-users don't seem to appreciate the challenges IT departments are facing on a daily basis.

“Providing comprehensive, consistent IT support in today’s complex IT world is a huge challenge for CIOs. It’s unsurprising many are finding IT management a growing burden,” said Mike Henson, Director, Cloud and Managed Services, Trustmarque.

According to Henson, IT support must juggle between new technologies such as cloud migration and mobile, while at the same time handling legacy IT infrastructure which is becoming increasingly difficult to operate.

“Today, IT might be easier to use than ever, but it’s also much more complex to manage and support. The business IT model has shifted, digital experiences are high on the agenda, along with a desire to consume rather than build IT. This shift has caused considerable strain on CIOs’ time, resources and budgets,“ he said.

More than four fifths (81 per cent) of CIOs believe the increasing complexity of IT infrastructure has led to an increase in support issues, and 82 per cent believe support is now a burden to the modern IT department.

The full report, entitled ‘The CIO Challenge: Simplifying IT Support’, can be found on this link.

Image Credit: Shutterstock / Leszek Glasner

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