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New breach detection platform is aimed at education sector

Thanks to their shifting population and the volume of personal and other valuable data that passes through them, universities have long been targets for cyber attacks.

With users that interact with a wider zone of the internet than any other group, university networks are particularly vulnerable to all types of attacks, from Trojan horse ploys to spear phishing.

Breach detection company Eastwind Networks is launching a new platform aimed specifically at universities and colleges. The system's ability to monitor high network traffic loads with minimal setup and easy administration provides a practical security solution for higher education IT departments.

"As networks go, a university is as diverse and dynamic as they come. The number of users, most with multiple devices, presents a natural fit for active breach detection," says Paul Kraus, president and CEO of Eastwind Networks. "In such a thriving digital ecosystem, threats don't come on a schedule so it's essential to always be vigilant. We designed our system to do just that, to catch things in real time".

Eastwind's platform catches activity that would otherwise slip through the cracks and sends real-time alerts so that attacks can be stopped. It uses advanced analytics and machine learning to compare traffic on the network to data from past breaches in order to detect anomalous activity that other products might miss. This means that new threats make the defenses stronger.

You can find more about Eastwind Breach Detection and sign up for a free trial on the company's website.

Photo Credit: hxdbzxy/Shutterstock