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You can now pay for apps through your monthly phone bill

If you're among those people that don't like paying for things on the Google Play store with their credit card, there's a new solution from Vodafone which might interest you, called Vodafone Charge to Bill.

The company said that, as of today, you can link all the digital purchases from the Google Play store to your monthly phone bill.

That means you can download things like apps, games, music, films, TV shows and e-books to your Android-powered device, and pay for it at the end of the month, when your phone bill arrives.

You can do that by going to the 'Redeem' menu in the Google Play store and entering the code 'Vodafone Apps' on the phone.

Content with value of up to £30 can be purchased this way, although no mention on the time limit. I’m guessing every month.

There's also a discount action going on, to support the new offering. A 'number of popular games and apps' on the store come with a 90 per cent discount, if purchased through the Charge to Bill feature.

The company said the new feature was introduced to eliminate unnecessary registration process and eliminate the need to disclose credit card information.

“Vodafone Charge to Bill is an easy, fast and reliable way for customers to pay for digital content and services from their mobile phone,” said David James, Head of Commercial Marketing, Vodafone UK.

“We are delighted that our Charge to Bill service now includes Google Play Store, which joins a range of leading content providers such as Spotify Premium, Sky Sports Mobile TV, Sony Playstation and Facebook as well as Vodafone’s own breaking news and sport alert services. Charge to Bill is a key part of our entertainment strategy, connecting leading content partners with Vodafone customers.”

Image source: Shutterstock/M DOGAN

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