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These are the best practices in network control

There's a clear link between how a company handles its network, and the achievement of key goals, such as greater customer satisfaction, smoother-running networks, stronger security and better visibility and control.

As obvious as the above statement might be, some companies don't seem to know exactly what best practices in terms of network handling really are.

A new survey by network control company Infoblox unveiled not only that there are top-tier and bottom-tier companies in terms of network control, but also unveiled a couple of key practices high performers do.

For example, top-tier organisations will always automate basic network tasks, allowing them to focus on more strategic items. Each and every single one of them will also ban silos, reporting moderate to complete cooperation between network, security, and app teams.

DNS and DHCP data is usually mined for security purposes, where companies can track new devices on the network. Bottom-tier companies never do this, apparently.

Investment also appears to be key takeaway – high-performers are more likely to invest in technology such as machine-readable threat intelligence, security information and event management (SIEM) solutions. They are also more likely to invest in automated tools detecting new devices on the network.

“Top enterprises think more strategically about their networks, don’t tolerate operational silos, and invest in the necessary tools for effective and secure infrastructure,” said Scott Fulton, executive vice president of products at Infoblox. “The results are clear—fewer outages and breaches, as well as better alignment with the business needs of their organisations.”

The full report, entitled 2016 Network Protection Survey (PDF) can be downloaded on this link.

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