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Third-party access a gaping hole in corporate security

Here's an interesting piece about conflicting logic in the world of IT security. Soha Systems, enterprise access as a service provider, released a report which says that third parties are the cause of (or are at least implicated in) 63 per cent of all data breaches.

On the other hand, just two per cent of IT decision makers consider third-party access their top priority in terms of security. And those two per cent came from a group of more than 200 IT and security C-level executives, directors and managers at enterprise-level companies.

Similar to pretty much every other disaster in the world, these business executives also have a similar approach to cyber-attacks – they can happen, but to someone else. They think their company is safe, but their competitors are not.

The report also revealed that these decision makers consider providing third-party access a tedious task with many moving parts.

“The results of our survey highlight the disconnect between IT priorities and the urgent need to mitigate third-party data breaches,” said Mark Carrizosa, chief information security officer and vice president of security at Soha Systems. “The survey shows enterprises have vastly underestimated the resources required to deal with such breaches, even as their need to provide secure third-party access continue to grow.”

And finally, IT professionals do not worry they'll lose their jobs in an event of a cyber-attack or a breach, but they do take such events personally. More than half (53 per cent) would feel personally responsible for a data breach, and eight per cent would fear losing their job over it.

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