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Why IT never goes on holiday

Admit it, we’ve all been thinking about summer holidays since the blustery days of winter. Dreaming of destinations, looking at dates and ultimately, sending those out-of-office notices so that everyone knows we’re taking a break and heading out of town!

But while most of us are safe to switch those out-of-office messages on and tune out on our summer trips, IT is an industry that never truly gets a holiday. No matter the time of year, IT departments are always hard at work creating and maintaining the foundation of the modern business world. Among the top reasons why IT never goes on holiday, three are:

SPF 24/7

When safety is part of your job, you can never take a break. IT departments work around the clock to make sure that the enterprise is safe from vulnerabilities and sensitive data information is kept private and secure. They not only evaluate, but also plan and implement strategies to keep your organisation’s data safe 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

And, if a dreaded breach should occur, technicians have to be ready to combat it at a moment’s notice. So while sunscreen provides a Sun Protection Factor of 30 or above, enterprises require an IT security protection factor of 24/7.

BYOD on Vacation

Along with vacationing workers who will need to join the occasional conference call from the beach, corporate and personal devices that contain confidential information are headed out of the office and making their way to hotels, airports and even secluded mountaintop cabins from June through August. As employees take off for summer holidays, IT keeps busy maintaining not only the on-site infrastructure, but also providing a secure connection to the corporate network so employees can continue to access critical resources from anywhere their travels take them.

They create their own paradise

While it may go unnoticed - and that often is the point - IT departments work hard to make sure the work environment is as uneventful, calm and peaceful as a tropical island. IT makes sure that computers, printers and networks are running correctly, the latest patches are installed and critical software has been updated.

In addition, the team is ready to respond to any technical emergencies – “user error” or otherwise – you may face throughout the work day. With an organised technology team and smoothly operating IT infrastructure, even a modern high-tech enterprise can feel like a tranquil destination.

Walker White, President of BDNA

Image source: Shutterstock/Willow Dempsey