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Healthcare devices a growing target for cyber attacks

Hacking and cyber attacks are no longer confined to computers. Thanks to the Internet of Things they affect a whole lot of other equipment too and that includes medical devices such as wearables and implantables

Application protection specialist Arxan has produced an infographic looking at the growing threat landscape surrounding connected medical devices.

Among its findings are that a worrying 94 per cent of healthcare organisations have been victims of a cyber attack and 38 per cent of patients say they would be wary of going to a hospital associated with a hacked device. Vulnerabilities include patient data theft, manipulation of therapy with the potential to harm patients, and malware infections that can spread throughout a healthcare network.

Headline attacks include a patient who was able to hack his own insulin pump, and a hospital forced to shut down its patient database following a ransomware attack.

Arxan also offers three recommendations to healthcare organisations: Go beyond minimum security requirements, harden your applications and strengthen crypto key protection.

Image Credit: Rob Hyron / Shutterstock