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Cloud data is taking over visual analytics

Data visualisation and analytics tools users are gravitating even more towards the cloud, a new report by Tableau Online suggests.

According to the report, there are more than 40 types of data sources users are opting for, from proprietary databases, to Hadoop tools. Some 66 per cent of these types are more frequently in the cloud than on-premise.

But it’s the last 15 months that really matter. This year, there are 70 per cent of data source connections in the cloud. Last year, it was 28 per cent less. Tableau sees this as a “seismic shift” towards the cloud.

“Cloud-native data sources like Amazon Redshift and Google BigQuery are gaining market share,” the report says.

“At the beginning of 2014, they represented just 12 per cent of all connections in Tableau Online. By the first quarter of 2016, they had grown to 28 per cent of all connections.”

The most common type of connection used by Tableau Online customers are hybrid data sources, those that can be deployed both in the cloud and on-premise. In the past two years, this type of connection never dropped below 60 per cent overall.

Hybrid data is also moving into the cloud. In Q1 2016, connections to hybrid data sources in the cloud jumped to 60 per cent, while 15 months ago, the split was even at 50-50.

“To build a successful data strategy, organizations need to understand and account for shifts happening in the world of big data,” the report concludes.

“The growing popularity of cloud-deployed data sources among Tableau Online users indicates the cloud is gaining momentum in the world of big data as well.”

Image Credit: Rawpixel / Shutterstock

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