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People would rather choose anything but the password

The password is (almost) dead, and it's your fault!

Customer identity management company Gigya released a report saying people avoid passwords whenever they get the chance, and would rather go for anything else. Its report, entitled “Businesses Should Begin Preparing for the Death of the Password”, is based on answers of 4,000 people, ranging from baby boomers to millennials.

It says that 52 per cent would chose anything else but the traditional login credentials. That 'anything else' includes, among other things, two-factor authentication (29 per cent), and biometric authentication (20 per cent), meaning fingerprint scanning, voice recognition, facial recognition or iris scanning.

Four out of five (80 per cent) consider biometric authentication more secure than passwords, the report says, before jumping onto the ill practices people have regarding their login credentials.

Just 16 per cent have a unique password for each online account. Six per cent use the same password for everything, while 63 per cent use seven or fewer across all their accounts.

More than a quarter (26 per cent) have had at least one account compromised in the past year, with millennials leading the way (35 per cent).

Only 33 per cent of them create secure passwords for everything, while the rest use the usual stuff everyone keeps crying to avoid: passwords like 'password', '1234', birthdays, etc.

More than two thirds (68 per cent) would even abandon their account altogether, if a complex password is required, while 55 per cent abandon a login page because they forgot their password.

The full study can be found on this link.

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