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Disaster recovery is now pay-as-you-go

Disaster recovery solutions have usually been a fixed cost for business, involving paying for a fixed amount of storage whether you actually use it or not.

Data protection firm Druva is launching new usage-based pricing for its Phoenix public cloud solution for backup, archive and disaster recovery. There are no additional hardware or software costs and enterprises will now pay only for the actual storage they consume.

"As organisations move more and more compute to the cloud, they are discovering innovative ways to better leverage their data to increase business value. With Phoenix we continue to drive this innovation - originally by providing one-stop server data protection that combines backup, archival and DR and now with our licensing model," says Jaspreet Singh, CEO of Druva. "Only Druva has adopted true consumption-based licensing so organisations pay only for what they use - and nothing more. This new model gives our customers greater budgeting predictability and ultimately, reduces their costs. We fully expect our competition to soon follow".

Druva Phoenix is built on a scalable, cloud-first architecture that offers cost savings for enterprises. These savings are achieved by minimising the backup and archival storage footprint while eliminating the need for expensive hardware and data center facilities. Phoenix does this through patented, client-based global deduplication. That's a bit of a mouthful, but what it means is more efficient data reduction, decreasing the data footprint by 50-100X in many cases.

In addition, global deduplication offers savings in bandwidth consumption resulting in faster backups. This allows Phoenix to do ever-incremental backups, avoiding the subsequent full backup copies required by traditional methods.

Photo Credit: Olivier Le Moal/Shutterstock